MSU Speech Lab Wiki

Lab General

Lab Name

MSU Speech Lab

M.S.U. Lab = Music in Speech Understanding Lab

Lab Theme

We will try to understand acoustic variability and prosodic cues (the “music” of speech), and the basis of speech prosody.

Lab Motto

  • R: Responsibility (personal): attend lab meetings, be prepared and complete assignments
  • S: Science: uphold scientific standards, stay organized, ask questions and produce careful work
  • V: Volunteerism: help out around lab, do outside readings and keep the lab clean
  • P: Participation: make a valuable contribution to the lab in meetings and during activities

Lab Expectations

  • Communication: contact lab managers & Dr. Dilley for questions and discussing progress
  • Work: independently, carefully, at a high level, and stick to deadlines
  • Organization: stay organized and self-motivated
  • Document: keep track of procedures, log file issues and back up your work on the server
  • Make sure to include the date you work on a file in the name and do not delete old versions.
  • Lab research is federally funded through the National Institute of Health and the National Science Foundation – which means we have a contract with the government, and we have deadlines that must be met.