Jessica Wallace


Jess's Info

Graduate Student--Psychology

Phone: (847) 727-5209

Email: walla209 (at)

Grants Allocated and Hours

NIH mostly

45 hrs/week

Current Assignments

  1. Vowel Analysis Training
  2. First Year Project work
  3. MSU Speech Lab Wiki
  4. TAP Lab Wiki
  5. Check VC Textgrids for more W-F consonants: ID2 NH 3697 3m/6m MET & MISP, ID2 NH 4778 3m/6m MET & MISP, ID2 NH 3358 3m/6m MET & MISP, ID2 NH 4625 3m/6m MET & MISP.

Finished Assignments

NSF-- Perceptual Isochrony (for now)

Pitch correction for ID2 NH 4478, 4523, and 4555: 3m, 6m, 9m MB&MIB files. Deadline: May 16

Skill Sets

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