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Amanda's Info

Lab Manager, MSU Speech Lab

I have a B.A. in Psychology from Michigan State University and just finished by Post-Bacc in Communicative Sciences and Disorders. I'll be attending grad school in speech-language pathology at the University of Missouri this Fall!

I've been managing the Infant-Directed Speech (IDS) project in the Speech lab since Fall 2009.

You can reach me at:

Grants Allocated and Hours:

NIH: ~31 hrs/week - on campus

Current Assignments

Recently Completed Assignments

  1. Variant classification re-check assignment for Longitudinal consonant speakers
  2. Vowels Project - Training Dana & Claire on project management for UURAF
  3. UURAF abstract/registration
  4. Classifications for CI ID1 18 and CI ID1 29
  5. Consonant project F2 analysis for speakers NH 4200, 4257, and 4276.
  6. Consonant project F2 analysis for speakers NH 3933 MIB/MICP
  7. Longitudinal Consonants - determine which tokens to include for F2 analysis
  8. Adding 8 new speakers to cross-sectional project
  9. Phonetic Variant Classification for ID1 CI 40
  10. UURAF & MSHA Posters!
  11. Hearing Impaired Copnsonants Phonetic Variant Re-Check
  12. Adding 8 speakers to cross-sectional project
  13. Phonetic variant and F2 analysis graphs for longitudinal project
  14. Preparing to present final data Thursday, April 28
  15. Project accomplishment write-up (1-3 pages) due Friday, April 29
  16. Creating prominence and pitch accent consensus textgrids for ID2 NH 4555 3m, 6m, 9m: MB&MIB
  17. ID2 NH 3844 3m MB/MIB vowel analysis (vowels marked "INCLUDE" only)--due 6/10
  18. ID2 NH 4562 9m MB/MIB vowel analysis - Deadline: June 29
  19. ID2 NH 4407 3m MB/MIB vowel analysis - Deadline: July 6
  20. Prosody Project - Managing assignments for RaP textgrid creation
  21. Managing references assignments
  22. Clean up of F2 data
  23. Consonant Project - W-F Consonant analysis, HI Consonants variant classification
  24. Writing up methods & introduction for cross-sectional and longitudinal Normal Development Consonant projects
  25. NH cross-sectional vowel analysis recheck

Skill Sets

  • VC Textgrids & Blank RaP Textgrids - Training RAs to create Textgrids
  • Phonetic Variant Classification
  • Vowel Analysis using Praat
  • Formant Analysis
  • IDS Project design, methods, and organization
  • Managing RA assignments for IDS
  • Experience with Excel formulas for data analysis
  • New lab member orientation
  • Lab Manual/lab protocol creation
  • Sound file/textgrid inventory & organization - maintain master spreadsheets, point of contact with IU
  • Finding journal articles/research references